Corporate Class

APCCMA has two types of memberships:

  1. Corporate class
  2. Associate class

Corporate Member

“Corporate Member” means a member of APCCMA which is either a body corporate or a multinational corporation with its head office or branch office in Pakistan or a sales tax registered manufacturing concern or a sales-tax- registered business concern having annual turn-over of not less than Rs. 50 million Rupees.


Every member of the Association shall be entitled.

  1. To take part in the elections and cast vote to elect members of the Executive Committee of the Association as per rules and regulations in force;
  2. To take advantage of the information and record available with the Association under such limitation as the Executive Committee may prescribe;
  3. To obtain a copy of the annual report and statement of accounts of the Association;
  4. To obtain a copy of all publications of the Association either free of cost or at such prices as may be fixed by the Executive committee from time to time;
  5. To cause an ordinary or extraordinary General Meeting of the Association to be convened in conjunction with other members of the Association in accordance with these articles;
  6. To participate in the General Meetings of the Association;
  7. To stand or propose or second members for election to the Executive Committee of the Association;
  8. To stand for election as a representative of the Association on any non-political public or private body;
  9. To seek the assistance of the Association for securing all reasonable facilities for the development of his trade/industry;
  10. To inspect or examine books of accounts and other documents, registers or records of the Association subject to any rules, conditions or limitation that may be laid down on this behalf under the relevant law or by the Committee or by a resolution of the Association in a General Meeting;
  11. To be entitled to such other privileges as may be specified by the Executive Committee from time to time.

To be entitled to such other privileges as may be specified by the Executive Committee from time to time.